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Our leadership commitments

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To honour and celebrate National Reconciliation Week this year, members of the ANU community will pledge their personal commitment to Reconciliation with our First Nations people. What can you do over the next 12 months to listen, learn and understand the issues of our First Nations people? 

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ANU has a clear mission to meet our responsibilities to First Nations people. It is the time to commit to doing everything we can to make sure all Australians have the same life-chances, opportunities and choices.


Let's use National Reconciliation Week as a time to better understand our shared history with Australia's First Peoples, and celebrate the extraordinary richness and beauty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. As the national university, this will be a whole-of-University effort.

If you would like to submit an image to accompany your commitment, please email your commitment (no more than 140 words) and an JPEG file to

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